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From our commitment to quality and sustainability, we have invested heavily in the latest technology and people. Our aim is to produce the very best in in what print has to offer using high quality stocks, inks and finishes.

Our investment in litho Anilox Coating makes us one of the very few, if any, print companies in Scotland to offer water based Anti-Bacterial print coating. Our water-based emulsion coating is plastic free making in very environmentally friendly.

Powerful Print & Packaging
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Core Care
Anti-Bacterial Print

Core Care is our Anti-Microbial water based coating system which is effective at killing bacteria and certain viruses over the lifetime of the printed work (> 99% effective).

The environmentally friendly water-based coating is applied whilst printing on our Heidelberg litho printing press. The look and feel of the print is unaffected by the coating which remains active for the lifetime of the printed material.

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